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      House Update

      We continue to practice COVID-19 safety protocols including wellness checks, enhanced cleaning, and mandatory mask wearing in all common spaces. From the information we’ve been given from various health authorities about the improving or stabilizing conditions of the pandemic, and in the efforts to serve all families in need, proof of vaccination for families within RMHBC programs is no longer required. Mandatory COVID-19 vaccination will remain in effect for all staff and volunteers.

      As always, we remain dedited to the health and safety of families and thank our amazing community for helping us continue to support and uplift families during difficult times.


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      Watch Savan's Story

      When Savan Fry was diagnosed with three pituitary tumours at age 16, he and his family had to leave their home in Nanaimo for 7 months of treatment in Vancouver. That’s when they discovered Ronald McDonald House BC & Yukon, and it instantly beme a home away from home.
      Savan and his family recently me back to the House to reflect on his challenging but life-changing journey, and how staying at RMH BC has helped to shape who he is today.

      Watch the Video

      How your donation dollars help

      In one year we help

      2000 Families

      Eliminating driving distance to hospital

      5-10 Hours

      Where our families come from


      British Columbia Interior


      Vancouver Island


      Northern British Columbia


      Why Do families need your help?

      When a child is seriously ill, the specialization required for their major medil procedure may only be available far from home. Treatment for illnesses such as leukemia, brain tumours or cystic fibrosis requires lengthy out-of-town hospitalization.


      RMH BC & Yukon provides accommodation for these families, so they n be close to their seriously ill children undergoing treatment. The House is a place of comfort, healing, and a home away from home for kids and families from all across BC and Yukon—like Prince George, Kamloops, Whitehorse and Victoria. But the cost to accommodate over 2000 families per year is expensive and isn’t possible without the generosity of people like you.

      Take a tour of the House

      What stops families from being together?

      What stops families from being together?

      When the unthinkable happens and a family is uprooted for their child’s critil medil treatment, there are many barriers they must overcome to stay together. Hotel stays are expensive, siblings need to be red for, and staying in the hospital long term is unsustainable. That’s where the House comes in—providing accommodation, comfort, compassion, and a sense of community to these families in need.

      But ring for so many families is expensive and isn’t possible without the generosity of people just like you.